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Alessia Marioni shines on Sanremo 2 stars

Italian lady-rider aboard Casanova Z, sets the pace in GP and leaves top starters behind her. Second place goes to Ferenc Szentirmai while Daniel Etter is third

Alessia Marioni©Marco Villanti

Imperia, June 2013 - The Italian lady rider Alessia Marioni triumphed yesterday in the Sanremo CSI 2st Grand Prix scoring the fastest great double clear round on Casanova Z.

It was the second success ever in an international Grand Prix for her, and her joyful lap of honour was full of meanings as among her opponents there was the reigning Olympic champion, the Swiss Steve Guerdat.

Actually Guerdat was faster than Marioni in the second round, but she was clear while he had one rail down.

The Hungarian/Ukranian Ferenc Szentirmai on Quick Diamond kept the second place and the Swiss Daniel Etter was third.


By Umberto Martuscelli





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